Travelencia Business Review – Is Travelencia an Opportunity Or a Scam? – Travelencia Review

Travelencia is biking aggregation that aswell offers a business befalling to become a benefactor and re-seller of their services.  They are a arrangement business company, so they aswell accord humans the adventitious to body an alignment and actualize a balance assets stream.  The absolute catechism is this:  is Travelencia a applicable opportunity, or just a scam?  That’s the catechism we will acknowledgment in this article.

Travelencia offers customer allowances packages, that mainly focus on biking and recreation.  This includes airline tickets, hotels and accommodations, rental cars, affair parks, museums, antic events, concerts, etc.  They accept two primary affairs of associates – the Silver plan, and the Gold plan, which run $2k and $5k respectively.

Their advantage plan is a 4X6 affected matrix, and they aswell accept onuses in abode for architecture “generations” (multiple levels of distributorship), a benefit pool, and added incentives.  Everything on the account ancillary of Travelencia looks acceptable – but let’s attending at their business a little added in-depth.

Travelencia – The Added Ancillary Of The Coin

Travelencia recommends business to humans that you already know, and artlessly “sharing” the plan.  The actuality is, with any business you accept to accept a brace of key things in place:

  1. A way to consistently and predictably acquisition humans who charge what you have
  2. A business bulletin that appeals to them
  3. A adjustment to get them to yield activity with your opportunity

And that’s absolutely the downside of warm-market marketing.  If you are artlessly relying on your accepted contacts to abound your business, you don’t accept a way to consistently and predictably acquisition humans who charge what you have.  To do that, you accept to body a business arrangement that projects your bulletin 24/7 to humans who are already searching for what you have, targeting the masses with your account and opportunity. 

Travelencia can be a abundant befalling IF you apperceive how to appropriately market, and ambition the masses.  If you don’t, again you’d be best-served by artlessly absorption on the account and traveling, or acquirements how to advance a arrangement that brings humans to you accessible to do business.